Do you want our P.A.D. news, announcements, and other events to go through your inbox email? Sure, you can! It sends the information instantly than our quarterly newsletter, PADette come in later.

PAD is in partnership with FeedBurner, a free news feed management provider to build the email subscription system.

To follow the steps on how to subscribe PAD news/events from your email:
1. Look at the YELLOW box bottom.
2. Enter your email address in text box and hit ‘Subscribe’ button.
3. The pop-up window appears. Feedburner will request you to verify the message. Follow this step.
4. Feedburner will send your email for another final verification message. Check your email.
5. In that email message, click the web address to activate your email subscription.

If you didn’t follow those steps above, you will not get email subscription from PAD news announcements and upcoming events.

For more clear explanation and the screenshots, click Instructions how to subscriber PAD news and events.

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