Get Involved

Do you want to become involved with the Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf (PAD) / Greater Pittsburgh Community Center for the Deaf (GPCCD) and be a part of our non-profit organization community?  Here are the different ways you can get involved!

  • Membership – Become a member of our deaf clubhouse for your support to the deaf community in Pittsburgh.  You will pay an one-time initial enrollment fee and an annual fee.   Becoming a member enables you to come to the club without charge during club hours, receive discounts during events and unlimited socializing and networking.

    • Address Change – Notify the PAD officer that you have moved to different location and wish to keep in touch with you in our deaf community.

  • Subscribe – Follow up the latest news by receiving the email.

  • Contact – Ask us your question, suggestions or feedback about our deaf clubhouse.

  • Club Rental Request – You can host special events or private parties at our clubhouse. We offer space for up to 125 people inside of the building in each floor. We offer a full-sized bar, a kitchen, restrooms, stage, plenty of tables and chairs. We’ve hosted fundraiser parties, workshops, organization meetings, game nights, and many more.


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