Book Club Hall Rental


Hall Rental Fee (per day)
$100.00 Non Members and/or Organizations
$75.00 Associate / Senior Citizen Members
$25.00 Active / Life Members

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 Overview Main floor
Overview Basement floor

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Terms: Fee includes $25.00 which will be refunded if the hall and/or kitchen are left in good condition. All equipment used in the kitchen must be cleaned and items put back where they belong. Tables must be cleaned and returned to their original place if moved. Do not leave leftover food in the refrigerator or kitchen. Table covers are not provided. Do not use scotch tape on walls when putting up decorations. All trash must be collected and bagged. The club manager or his/her designee will make the final decision as to whether the $25.00 refund is warranted.

Renter accepts full responsibility for the actions of their guests and is liable for any damages, injuries or delays that may occur. Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf, Inc. (PAD) shall not be responsible for any injuries due to negligence of guests present at your event. The children under 18 is NOT allowed in the kitchen room!!

During the event, if PAD feels that there are circumstances that may present a real or implied threat or injury or harm to PAD's property or its members, then PAD reserves the right to cease the event until resolution of the issue by Renter.

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    NOTE: Maximum Occupancy: 250 people, 125 people each floor.

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Equipment Rental: Projector, stage screen, etc.) The fee is $25.00 per day to rent PAD's equipment which is in addition to the hall rental fee. Renter will be financially responsible for any damage to the club's equipment.

Will You be renting equipment for your event?

Please provide additional information or special requests about your event.

Renter Acceptance: The undersigned accepts responsibility for the event and terms listed in the agreement.

I agree the information is accurate.

Reservation will be made only when full payment is received. Make physical check payable to: Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf, Inc. Or, visit PAD clubhouse and pay in cash or check only to Club Manager or Treasurer.

Cancellation: A full refund will be made when PAD receives notification two weeks before the date of the event.

Notice: Under Pennsylvania State Law and Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) Code, alcohol cannot be brought in to an establishment that has a liquor license. There is a PLCB Liquor Code violation if a patron bring alcohol into a licensed establishment. This means that the alcohol must be purchased from a Liquor Board approved licensee. Most licensees will not permit alcohol to be brought into their establishment because they are in the business to sell alcohol, therefore, a license can prohibit a patron from brining his/her own alcohol on the premises.

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