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PAD Host Super Bowl Party Sunday Feb 2nd

Super Bowl Party on Sunday Feb 2nd. at 6:30 pm Kickoff time.

Club Opens at 1:30pm till end of Super Bowl.

Donation $7.00 include Foods at 5:30pm

Will have PINGO Game at 3pm till 5 pm cost $10.00 to play up to you

if want to play or not.

Any questions please see Mark Babich or PAD Officers for more information.

Please bring cover dish for everyone to share.

Thanks, Mark

PAD Senior Citizen Cancelled on Jan 8th.

PAD SENIOR CITIZEN scheduled for January 8, 2014 is cancelled due to cold weather and flu epidemic.  Be safe to guard against the flu.

There will be SINGO on February 12, 2014.  For your information the admission for SINGO  is $10.00.

Any questions, contact Larry Sullivan or Violet Petrick.

Stay warm and enjoy the winter.


Thank you


Violet-Vice President

Christmas Greetings from PAD Members!!

Mark Babich

Suzanne Babich

Jean Toner

Jim Toner

John Janaszek Jr.

Jeff Janaszek

Paul Wojton Sr.

Amber Smith

Doressa Hampton

Joyce Heckman

Robert Noschese (2)

Michelle Noschese

Roberta Leddeba

Christopher Hoge

Madelyn Lebedda

Thomas Brown

Marguerite Brown

Louis Campero

Kathy Campero

Alex Lemanski

Elaine Mifflin

JoJo Trozzo (2)

Audrey Warrick (2)

Kevin Nelson Jr.

Andy Powaski

Irene Hearn

Lawrence Hast

Kathy Conte

Tony Conte

Joe Haley

Karen Haley

Steve Haley

Kim Haley

Jack Haley

Emma Haley

James C. Cuda (2)

Shirley Wieland (2)




Charles Fisher

Shirley Fisher

Brad Scheidmantel

Andrea Scheidmantel

Larry Sullivan (2)

Memory Donna Sullivan

Judy Baker (2)

Memory Richard Baker

Norman Wesoky (2)

Bernard Rolewitz (2)

Doris Trozzo (2)

Catherine Haley

Jean Gum

Paul Gum

Joyce Draucker

Don Draucker

Cheryl Noschese

Chris Noschese

Donald Majocha

Verla Majocha

George Connor (2)

Gerri Connor (2)

Violet Petrick

Thomas Petrick

Nancy Sipes (2)

Ralph Sipes (2)

John Welch

Lori Ann LaSorsa-Abshier

Brian Abshier

Ashlee Abshier

Renee Fisher



Louis Nethen

Ann L.  Smith (2)

Betty Pagliaro

Nick Mainos

Bernard Luksik

Lorriane Musial

Lana Zitelle

Jean Salopek

Josie Conte

Laverne Sweet

Edward Kooser

Cynthia Overly

Carol Thompson

William Sutton (2)

Marilyn Sharkey

Clifford Sharkey

Ricky Bloom

Tina Bloom

Mary Contestable

Wayne Heinecke

Anna Marie Brown

Randi Kelly

Margie Coyne

Mike Coyne

Janet Vasilko

Bill Vasilko

Gloria Biega

Tim Black

Kathy Muszynski

John Muszynski

Debra Hast




November 2013: President Corner

Hello Fellow Members & Friends,

This autumn I assume that everyone have been busy raking the last leaves up, pulling plants out and store the outdoor furniture up.

It’s hard to believe that in a short few weeks although we’ll be celebrating the holidays and New Year of 2014.

If anyone is looking for a hall rental to hold a funeral luncheon, baby shower, graduation party or other events up to 125 people, we could provide this club to them.  See the club manager for more information and catering is also available.

We will host active Christmas dinner on Saturday, December 14th at 5 PM for cocktails and dinner at 6 PM.  Don’t forget to make dessert!

Please read on and attend the coming active meetings on November 15th (Friday), December 13th (Friday) as election night for 2014 nominations and January 11th at 7:30 PM.  You are part of it at this club.

I want to wish you all a glorious holiday season filled with peace and joy.

Yours truly,

PAD President

Mark Babich

August 2013: President Corner

Hello Members & Friends,

– It’s hard to believe but here we are almost entering August.  In addition to all the activities, which are remaining hot days of summer are filled with festivals and fairs!!

– President ?  Who me?  Sure I can do that.  I can give back to our club that has given me so much.  I love our members and meetings.  Why??  Because of the members and the way we support each other as we learn and improve our verbal communication and leadership skills.

– We’re always looking for ways to improve our club for the betterment of our members.  Please feel free to discuss it with me or other board members; we will appreciate your input.

– I really want to thank all of you that volunteered to support the deaf biker’s event at PAD on June 17th.  Whether we will our event or not doesn’t matter because our goal to product a fun event for our members were exceptionally successful thanks to all of you.

— Please read on and attend the coming active meeting on August 10, September 14 and October 12 at 7:30 PM.

Have a happy and safe summer.


Mark Babich

PAD President

Wii Bowling

Wii Bowling League Forming for 2013 Season

See Jeff Thomas for information. Start in March 2013 

We plan to have 1 times squad for Wii Bowling League!! 

Wednesday Times are 8:30pm

Come on down and join the FUN!!