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February 2012: President Corner

Hi fellow members and friends,

Hard to believe that I have been PAD President for a year already and now back for another year.  By the way I want to thank the 2011 PAD Officers for their best efforts.

But for all of us as members to get back is important with keeping up with PAD’s vision.  Part of my job is making sure of being responsible and ensuring help on members and friends with more positive.

As you know that we will have PAD 85th anniversary banquet on September 29th in Turtle Creek and it will be posed in the PADETTE.  Keep an eye on it.

The house committee is in the middle of making renovation to our basement stage and includes new electrical outlets, back drywall and floor.  The helpers are Jim Toner, Chris Noschese, Charles Fisher, Tony Conte, Jeff Janaszek, Robert Maher Jr. , Brad Scheidmantel and me.

It is a reminder to renew your 2012 membership dues to keep with our club’s expenses and please see Todd Langer.  Respectfully new members are always welcomed.

Please mark your calendar for the next active meetings on February 11, March 10 and April 14 at 7:30 PM.

Thumb up,

President Mark Babich

Engagement News

Here are the details: Brian Abshier proposed to Lori Ann LaSorsa on August 16th, 2011 at Mt. Washington overlook.

The wedding will be on May 27, 2012 in Long Island, New York.

Thanks, Lori Ann and Brian

Lori Ann LaSorsa and Brian Abshier

Baby News

Isabella Wednesday Weber

Announcement of birth by Holly Mendel and Marty Weber. They welcomed their daughter, Isabella Wednesday Weber.

Here are the details: Born on: September 30, 2011 Weight- 6 lbs. 10 Oz, Length- 19 Inches Long, Time: 5:35 P.M.
Sorry for the late announcement, hope you all receive the exciting news now and you may contact

Holly via email, Thanks and enjoy the picture of Isabella Wednesday Weber 🙂



President Corner

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you all enjoyed your hot summer.  Our club will have a lot of events through the holiday with spirit.  Please check the club’s website out for specific dates and times.

We will have active Christmas dinner on December 10th – Cocktails at 5:30 PM and dinner at 6:30 PM

Please mark your calendar out for next active meetings on November 18th (Friday) at 7:30 PM and December 9th (Friday) at 7:30 PM as election night for 2012.  I like to seek my 2nd term.

Your, President,

Mark Babich

PAD/GPCCD Softball Players Wanted!!

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if u still interesting to play softball this year? I need know how many so I can contact league but can know how many to play women or men or coed team..That way I can call and reserve for the league here..

If play for women or men team. Can play for women’s and men’s league here against hearing. then July go to CAAD vs. deaf teams then NSAD in Portland, Oregon.. Butttt if want play coed. still play coed league here vs. hearing and straight to NSAD in Portland, Oregon. Let me know which women and men team or coed team u wanna join. so I can start call up the league around here ..

Date: CAAD: TBA Usually middle of July
Date: NSAD: Aug 5 to 8 2009 in Portland, Oregon

P. S. if u know anyone who interesting to play softball pls let me know I can add it thanks..we also need to get more fundraiser to cover hotel, rent van etc.

any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at  and I wont bite u (HA)

athletic director
Lori Ann LaSorsa

President’s Corner

President’s Corner

Hello Members & Friends,

It is about time for me to be your club president of 2011 and like to see PAD keeping to stay strong forever.  I will have plenty of energy and strength to challenge my opportunity.

I like to applaud to our past president, Cheryl Noschese who had been working great to turn “all situations” around in the past four years.  Also thanked her team people for their hard efforts in 2010.

I had to resign as Holiday Party chairperson and passed the responsibility to new chairperson, Sue Babich.

It is a reminder to renew your 2011 membership dues to keep us with our club’s expenses and please see Todd Langer.  New members are always welcome.

Hope for the STEELERS are climbing up stairway to Seventh Heaven against PACKERS in Texas.  We will have Super Bowl XLV party at PAD on February 6 and be sure of wearing STEELERS clothes in black & gold with terrible towels.

I encourage you to help by attending most events hosted at PAD through the year.

Please remember to mark down for the next active meetings on February 12, March 12 and April 9 at 7:30 PM.

Your President,

Mark Babich

Editor – Lori Ann LaSorsa

Hello Everyone, I hope you all stay warm and stay safe during those winter months!!! We all can’t wait for spring around the corner!!!  We will be having lots of events going on at the Club. Keep an eye on it and hope you all attend the Events and help out the Club.

Thanks, Lori Ann

Club Manager- Holly Mendel

Hello Everyone, I want to let you know that PAD will be closed every Wednesday for month of February and will reopen on March 2nd. Many thanks!!

Thanks, Holly Mendel

Wii Standings after Dec. 1st

Pittsburgh Assn of the Deaf Wii Bowling League
National League 7pm Wins Lost Tie
1 3-Eagles 38 13 1
2 4-Lucky 7s 31 21 0
3 5-Steelenguins 25 27 0
4 2-Big Whales 21 30 1
5 1-Steelers 21 31 0
6 6-Sorchese 19 33 0
Names Pins Games Avg
1 Tyce Olean 8828 39 226.4
2 Cheryl Noschese 8081 39 207.2
3 Rafi Diaz 7670 38 201.8
4 Jean Toner 7002 36 194.5
5 Lori Ann LaSorsa 7543 39 193.4
6 Jennie Wojton 7521 39 192.8
7 Amber Smith 7185 38 189.1
8 Steve Eberle 6319 34 185.9
9 Jim Toner 7189 39 184.3
10 Jeff Janaszek 6841 39 175.4
11 Jeff Thomas 6717 39 172.2
12 Chris Noschese 6138 39 157.4
Sub Brad Scheidmantel
American League 9pm Wins Lost Tie
1 3-Pens 33 18 1
2 6-Fishing girls 32 20 0
3 5-Cowboys 30 22 0
4 4-Adidas 22 28 2
5 2-Pizza Lovers 19 32 1
6 1-Irish Fighters 18 34 0
Names Pins Games Avg
1 Steve Allen 8450 39 216.7
2 Holly Mendel 7891 39 202.3
3 Harry Fisher 7649 39 196.1
4 Tommy DeFazio 7534 39 193.2
5 Larry Brumfield 6833 36 189.8
6 Joel Carr 7104 39 182.2
7 Kevin Nelson 6518 36 181.1
8 Ron Speer 6478 36 179.9
9 Brian Abshier 6910 39 177.2
10 Jim Cuda 6587 39 168.9
11 Shirley Fisher 6506 39 166.8
12 Charles Fisher 6438 39 165.1

Wii Bowling Standings after week Nov 3rd

Pittsburgh Assn of the Deaf Wii Bowling League
National League 7pm   Wins Lost Tie
1 3-Eagles 29 6 1
2 4-Lucky 7s 22 14 0
3 2-Big Whales 16 19 1
4 1-Steelers 15 21 0
5 6-Sorchese 13 23 0
6 5-Steelenguins 12 24 0
  Names Pins Games Avg
1 Tyce Olean 6136 27 227.3
2 Cheryl Noschese 5509 27 204.0
3 Rafi Diaz 5221 27 193.4
4 Lori Ann LaSorsa 5174 27 191.6
5 Jean Toner 4525 24 188.5
6 Jennie Wojton 5089 27 188.5
7 Amber Smith 4930 27 182.6
8 Jim Toner 4859 27 180.0
9 Steve Eberle 4298 25 171.9
10 Jeff Janaszek 4528 27 167.7
11 Jeff Thomas 4423 27 163.8
12 Chris Noschese 4127 27 152.9
American League 9pm   Wins Lost Tie
1 6-Fishing girls 25 11 0
2 3-Pens 21 15 0
3 4-Adidas 18 17 1
4 5-Cowboys 17 19 0
5 1-Irish Fighters 14 22 0
6 2-Pizza Lovers 12 23 1
  Names Pins Games Avg
1 Steve Allen 5828 27 215.9
2 Holly Mendel 5561 27 206.0
3 Harry Fisher 5208 27 192.9
4 Larry Brumfield 4604 24 191.8
5 Tommy DeFazio 5028 27 186.2
6 Joel Carr 4931 27 182.6
7 Brian Abshier 4897 27 181.4
8 Ron Speer 4350 24 181.3
9 Kevin Nelson 4094 24 170.6
10 Jim Cuda 4487 27 166.2
11 Shirley Fisher 4468 27 165.5
12 Charles Fisher 4371 27 161.9

Christmas Greetings from Members of PAD Family

 Cheryl Noschese

James C Noschese

James A Noschese

Mary Noschese

Kristy Crossan

Matt Crossan

Jean Toner

James Toner

Thomas Petrick

Violet Petrick

Norman Wesoky

John S. Thomson

Janet Vasilko

William Vasilko

Paul Gum

Jean Gum

Ann L. Smith

Catherine Haley

Larry Sullivan

Judy Baker

Richard Baker(Memory)

JoJo Trozzo

Audrey Warrick

Joyce Heckman (2)

Robert Noschese (2)

Roberta Ledduba

Michelle Noschese

Christopher Hoger

Helene Ghinassi

George Connor

Geraldine Connor

James C Cuda

Ralph Sipes

Nancy Sipes

Kathy Conte

Tony Conte

Edward Kooser

Marilyn Sharkey

Clifford Sharkey

Patricia Lenzi

Robert Lenzi

June Paul

Jean Salopek

Edwin Kooser

John Welch

Nick Mainos

Clara Mainos

Franklin Cole

Della Cole

Jean Vernille

Donna Funaro

Joyce Draucker

Don Draucker

Josie Conte

Margie Coyne

Mike Coyne

Dorthy Vasilko

John Janaszek Jr

Jeffrey Janaszek

Brad Scheidmantel

Andrea Scheidmantel

Charles Fisher

Shirley Fisher

Betty Pagliano

Nancy Simmons

Sylvia Urbanski

Raymond Urbanski

Bernard Rolewitz

Doris Trozzo

Louis Nethen

Shirley Manol

Lorriane Musial

Yefim Kerehs

Mary Constestabile

Donald Majocha

Verla Majocha

Tom Brown

Meg Brown

Paul L Mente

Paul C. Wojton Sr.

Todd Langer

Linda Langer

Amanda Primel-Holt

Chris Holt

Jessica Fields

Jennie Wojton
Valentine Wojton III

Alex Lemanski

Charles A Farrell

Joe Haley

Karen Haley

Andy Powaski

Irene Hearn

Lawrence Hast

Joel Carr

Tim Black

Shirley Wieland

Kathy Muszynski

John Muszynski

Daniel & Maria Sheppeck

Ethan & Nathan Sheppeck

Lori Ann LaSorsa

Jeff Thomas

Teresa Scott

Mandy Kovacs-Lloyd

Stephen Eberle

Ronald Speer

Larry Brumfield

Jamie Michaski

Brian Abshier

Holly Mendel

Ryan A Olean

Terence Visco

Kim Olean

Tyce Olean

Carla D’Angelo

Donald D’Angelo

Raymond Gwizdak

Janice Gwizdak

Harry Fisher

Sharon Fisher

John Noschese

Rosie Noschese

Nellie Noschese

Emily Jo Noschese

Zane Noschese

Robert Maher

Angel Mahnick

Darrin Majocha

Marty Weber

Frank Bole

Gloria Biega

Mark Kemmerer

President’s Corner

Hello, Members

Recently, PAD Newsletter Editor Lori Ann asked me, “When are you going to write for PAD Newsletter?”  I replied,” Already, time goes flying”   Looks like I am writing this as my last message as president to our PAD members.  First of all, I deeply want to express many thanks to all members for their times, their volunteerism, their involvement with social events, and their contributions with our club. 

This is a message of thanks to all that I served four years as President to the deaf/hard of hearing people I have loved so well. It fills me with emotion I cannot express.  I have witnessed the great change from old PAD to new PAD and it recognized as one of the best deaf clubs in USA.  We should be proud of it.  At this time, there are some things you have to do to keep the club going.  You are facing a new world, a world of rapid change. We are facing fast changes with new technology and it is going to overwhelm you; and at the same time, it will make your life the most exciting of all time.  As you can see in our club, we have added two videophones, new TV flat screens, projector, security cameras, Wii, and Wi-Fi to keep up with technology for the members and guests.  Even many of us have cell phones to keep us in frequent contact with family and friends.

Now, we have to think and ask ourselves as members of PAD since I will finish my term as President on December 31, 2010. 

1. What kind of members are you are to lead? 

2. Are you reliable for our club? 

3. Are you able to give your time for the club? 

4. Are you capable of volunteering for our club? 

These questions are messages to anyone who plan to run as our next President.  These are true tasks that we are facing today.   It is my hope that we should continue to give the same support to our next President as well as they supported me in past.   

Secondly, this time of the year holidays is around the corner, PAD will be very busy with a lot of events coming up, Turkey Bash, Senior Citizen Dinner, Steelers/Buffalo game tailgate party, Children’s Christmas Party, Active Christmas Dinner, Christmas Bash, Thursday Steelers’ Football Night (Dec 23), New Year Eve Party, Banknite, Pingo, Wii League, Texas Hold’em League and private events.  So please come and have fun with the events.

Hope you all have a nice holidays   and I bid you farewell as President.  

Cheryl Noschese