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National Anthem in ASL – Practice

Hi National Anthem in ASL participants,

Remember you all –

We will have a practice how to sign “National Anthem” in ASL at Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf (1854 Forbes Avenue – Pittsburgh, PA 15219-5836) on August 29th on Friday at 6:30 pm

PLEASE come and practice.

If you can not, please show up on September 12 on Friday at 6:30 pm at PAD.

On Sept. 19th – on Friday – All anthem participants must arrive at 4:30 PM or before 5:30PM – Right field gate on Mazeroski Way… All anthem participants – Pirates rules – arrive one hour and a half before game for security reasons.

Buy tickets for your family or friends. Here is information:

How much? Ticket $9.00 / Where to sit? Special Seating Section area-General Admission

Chris Noschese and MJ Shahen have tickets….You can stop by MJ’s office at CL G-47 at Pitt – Cathedral of Learning or at PAD

If you have any concern, please contact me at

Summer Silent Night Pics

Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf / Greater Pittsburgh Community Center for the Deaf (PAD/GPCCD), hosted Summer Silent Night event in the unique day of 08/08/08 in Mt. Washington Manse! 10,500 square feet of jaw-dropping Modernist architecture, complete with sweeping views of Pittsburgh downtown skyline.

Guest celebrities attended our event:
Kent Tekulve, played for Pittsburgh Pirates
Michelle Wright, co-anchor of WTAE Channel 4 Action News weekdays at noon and 5 p.m.
Vince Sims, reporter and anchor for WPXI Channel 11 News.
Alison Morris, KDKA-TV general assignment reporter appearing weekdays on the morning and noon news as well as in the 4pm newscast.
Sam Thong, the famous caricature and portrait artist at Station Square.

Don’t miss to check our picture gallery here!

Produced and edited photos/videos by David Fulmer.

From the Editor: Lori Ann LaSorsa – May 2008

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all enjoy SPRING N SUMMER MONTHS coming right now.  Hope you all have great Summer vacations this time of the Year.  Hope you all come out to PAD events upcoming months of May till July.

If have any news please email me at  I will be glad to publish your story on the PADette.

Lori Ann LaSorsa

Letter from PAD President – May 2008

President Cheryl Noschese’s Message:

Is it summer yet? PAD sure hopes so. Please stop by at our clubhouse to see newly basement wood cabients for our Senior Citizen and also for Pittsburgh Chapter of PSAD. Those wood cabinets have nice features and meet their needs.

Our biggest fundraising event is August 8th 2008 at Mt. Washington Manse, an award-winning dream house with a beautiful sweeping views of our downtown Pittsburgh skyline. It is 10,500 square feet of jaw-dropping Modernist architecture, complete with an elevator, an infinity pool, eight bathrooms, a fitness center, a disco with professional equipments and temperature controlled wine cellar for storing up to 1,800 bottles. The owners of this dream house are Peter Karlovich and Steven Herforth. They use their dream house to host fundraisers on regular basis, opening up their home to local political such as Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and even national figures as former Vermont governor turned National Democratic Committee chairman Howard Dean and Senator John Kerry, 2004 presidential candidate. PAD/GPCCD offers two kinds of the ticket prices for this special event.

$250 VIP reception and $100 General Admission including with refreshment, Silent Auction and Horse Derby races. It can be used as your tax deductible as recognized by IRS 501 (c)3.

This fundraising event will help our clubhouse to meet their needs of deaf communities in Western Pennsylvania.  By installing new flooring, an ADA-compliant elevator/restroom, new roofing coating, and some furniture, our clubhouse can now offer the ideal environment for our members and new future members.  I hope your involvement and your contribute allow our clubhouse to continue our vital activities.

Join us for a night at races at the scenic dream home on Mt. Washington’s own Smart House!

PAD Search Unleashed

We have added new function in Pittsburgh Associtation of the Deaf site, our own search engine! It is built under WordPress plug-in, allows you to search more than a word in our own site! The search box is located on top right corner in header page. Give it a try!

Also, keep in the mind about disadvantage part is the search function.  The result will not display the album name of photos in Gallery page.

Letter from PAD President – Feb 2008

PADETTE – Letter From the P.A.D. President, Cheryl Noschese
Volume 66 Issue 1


I wish all of you a healthy, happy 2008.  In the year of 2007, PAD had gone through a lot of changes and accomplished our goals.  I want to thank all of you who made our club more livable and more enjoyable at our social times.  Also, I want to especially thank our volunteer who did a lot of work to improve our basement.

As you are aware our club house is the one of the fewest Deaf Clubs in the USA that is owned by its members.  You should be proud of your accomplishments.

Do not foreget to pay your 2008 membership dues.  Your dues are helping our club defray necessary expenses.

Please stop by at our club to say Hello and bring your friends too.

Cheryl Noschese
P.A.D. President

PAD New Email Subscription System

We have been waiting for this for a long time – PAD has launched a new email subscription system today in our website. You might find this YELLOW box on the right side bar in all pages. PAD is in partnership with FeedBurner, a free news feed management provider to build the email subscription system.

This is the biggest advantage of your time – you can get our news, announcements, and other events first through email instantly. The quarterly newsletters come in later. Another advantage is to save PAD’s financial for sending out the newsletter mailings (reducing the cost of papers, printing, and postage).

When you are paying for the 2008 membership, we will ask you if you wish to continue subscribing our newsletter by mail. If you chose to say NO, we will remove your name and mailing address in our database to stop sending the newsletter. Then you will need to join the electronic email subscription for PAD news and events through our website.

To follow the steps on how to subscribe PAD news/events from your email:
1. Look at the YELLOW box on top right sidebar.
2. Enter your email address in text box and hit ‘Subscribe’ button.
3. The pop-up window appears. Feedburner will request you to verify the message. Follow this step.
4. Feedburner will send your email for another final verification message. Check your email.
5. In that email message, click the web address to activate your email subscription.

If you didn’t follow those steps above, you will not get email subscription from PAD news and events.

Steelers Costume Winner / Photos

Steelers Party winner costume

In the photo, John Noschese (left) was Steelers best costume in 2006, and he shares with 2007 winner of Steelers best costume, Dana Mingone (middle) and Tommy DeFazio (right) at our PAD clubhouse.

Don’t miss to see photo album taken by Jennifer Wojton.

New England crushed Steelers last Sunday, December 9th, and we do believe that both teams will rematch in playoffs, we want to make this happen like what Steelers did with Indianapolis Colts in 2005!

Let’s go Steelers!