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PAD 90th Anniversary Videos

We recorded almost total of 1 hour 30 minutes in the video and split this video into 7 videos. Grab your popcorn and watch this video and rate ours this 5 out of 5 stars!

We also have pictures last month, if you have missed seeing the pictures, you can go to post of PAD 90th Anniversary Photo Gallery and enjoy this. WE ARE FAMILY! WE ARE FAMILY!

Part One: 13 minutes 44 seconds.

Part Two: 13 minutes 50 seconds.

Part Three: 12 minutes 30 seconds. Chris Noschese takes on the stage about history of PAD.

Part Four: 14 minutes 51 seconds. John Noschese takes on the stage about social life at PAD.

Part Five: 14 minutes 58 seconds. Holly Mendel make a special announcement. And, Big Jeff takes the stage for awards.

Part Six: 10 minutes, 12 seconds.

Part Seven: 9 minutes 26 seconds.

GPCCD Easter Kids 2017 Photos

Well Peter cotton tail has stopped today on this glorious day. Hopped all around and went on his way. We thank you all for coming today. Hoping you enjoyed. A big shout out to our volunteers, Jim and Jean toner, David Fulmer, Brian Abshier, Marty Weber, Paula Weber, Angel Maher, Deb Hast, Missy Miller,  to anyone else that may have missed and last but not the least, to all the wonderful ASL students. You young ladies are phenomenal. You all are appreciated for helping make our kids events successful. Thank you. 💙 💙 💙 💙

76 photos posted in our Flickr album.


President’s Corner: February 2017

President’s Corner

Hello members & friends,

Happy New Year to PAD members and friends!

What a strange winter we have?? Winter is not over yet as we face to February as well known for BRUTAL cold month!

I am proud to stay we wrapped up the year 2016 with GOOD year of club. I am looking forward to be working with all of you for next two year as PAD President 2017-2019.

PAD events is open to be scheduling now, see our club manager, Holly to book the events/hall rent. We will host some events this upcoming month. Come down, out of house during cold season.

PAD is very lucky to have many warm heart members and friends as for two example, our furnace for basement has stopped running, a member’s nephew volunteer his time to replace the motor for fan AND our roof was leaking by a object that hit our roof, one of member volunteered to repair and patch the hole. I deeply thanked them for their heart. PAD is still working on improving interior by our members. Come down; see our foosball table and bumper pool table.

Don’t forget to pay your member due for 2017, see Alex.

Any feedbacks, or suggestions, please contact us thru website or Facebook!

Truly yours,

President Robert Maher Jr.


Hi! Happy New Year!! Please remember we are always open to any suggestions / announcement / News for the next newsletter. All you have to do is let us know what they are. Please keep eyes for more information on our website at If you have not registered to receive our newsletter, Please go to this website to register. Enjoy read the newsletter.

Thanks, Jeff and Lori Ann

2017-18 PAD Officers Election Results


Robert Maher

1st Vice President
Deb Hast

2nd Vice President
Jeff Thomas

3rd Vice President
James Toner

Barbara Myers

Jeff Janaszek

Assistant Treasurer
Carrey Gamble

Financial Secretary
Alex Lemanski

Term Trustees
David Fulmer
Jeff Hawk
Janice Gwizdak

2016 First Annual Kids breakfast with Santa Photo Gallery

GPCCD Kids Events would like to say many thanks to all that came to our first annual breakfast with Santa. We hope that you enjoyed yourself. It was a blessed day! Also a big shout out to all of our volunteers. Great job. See you all next year. Happy Holidays!

105 pictures are available for your enjoyment to view our Flickr gallery set.


Did you know that you can download the photo  from Flickr site that you can keep the photo images in your computer?