Revised September 10, 2016



The name of this organization shall be the Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf, Incorporated.




The object of this Association shall be:  To maintain a club for the social enjoyment of its members.




The headquarters of this Association shall be in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.




Section 1.        The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Third Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer, a Financial Secretary, and three Trustees.

Section 2.         The officers shall constitute the Board of Directors.




Section 1.         The President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and three Trustees shall be elected by ballot at the regular business meeting held on the second Friday of December during an even numbered year.

Section 2.          The newly elected officers shall be sworn in immediately after their election and shall take office on January 1 of the following odd numbered year.

Section 3.          No active member shall be eligible to hold office who has not been admitted to membership for one year previous to election, who is not in good financial standing, and who has not attended at least twelve regular business meetings during the two years immediately preceding the election.  Active members, with the attendance of less than eight regular meetings in the two years, shall not be eligible to vote for new officers.

Section 4.          The officers shall hold office for two calendar years  and continue to serve until their successors are duly elected and qualified.

Section 5.          If any vacancy occurs in any other office than President, the President shall have power to fill it by appointment of an Active member as an acting officer to serve until the next meeting, when the Association shall vote to fill the vacancy.



Duties of Officers

Section 1.          The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and the Board of Directors.  He/she shall enforce order and strict observance of Bylaws and Rules; he/she shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.  The President shall appoint standing committees for the year at the first meeting in January.

Section 2.          In the absence or disability of the President, the powers and duties shall devolve upon the First Vice-President and in the latter’s absence or disability, upon the Second Vice-President and the Third Vice-President.

Section 3.          The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors.  He/she shall keep a register of members.  He/she shall issue proper notice of all meetings.  He/she shall conduct necessary correspondence with copies given to the President and Treasurer, and with the President, shall execute for the Association any legal papers required.  He/she shall keep a copy of the Bylaws and such Rules as may promulgate from time to time, with a record of all amendments and changes.  He/she shall have care and charge of all the books and records of the Association, except the books of the financial accounts.  It will be the responsibility of the Secretary to inform the membership of a motion that has been carried but not acted upon within 60 days.

Section 4.         The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all the monies of the Association.  He/she shall keep an account of all receipts and expenditures, and each month, shall make a report of the club’s financial affairs and conditions.  He/she shall deposit all monies in a bank designated by the Board of Trustees.  Payments of bills against the Association shall be signed by both the President and the Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall assist the trustees with the development of our club budget process.

Section 5.         The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in the performance of the duties outlined in Article VI, Section 4, and shall perform such other duties such directed by the President and the Treasurer.

Section 6.          The Financial Secretary shall collect the monthly dues of the members, keep a record of such payments and turn all monies collected over to the Treasurer before the date of the monthly audit by the Trustees.

Section 7.         The Trustees shall make a monthly audit and examination of all the club’s accounts and financial affairs.  They shall check up all receipts and scrutinize all the disbursements for whatsoever purpose and by whatsoever made and authorized. The trustees shall have the responsibilities which include but not limited to developing and overseeing the budget process, providing for financial controls and analysis of financial reports, review and approval of annual operations, review of extraordinary expenditures exceeding $200 and review of investment policies for liquid assets of the organization. The trustees shall provide necessary and periodic reports of finances to the active members.  They shall not serve on any committees.

Section 8.          The Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Club Manager shall be bonded by a surety company for an amount to be fixed by the Board of Trustees.




Section 1.          The club’s regular business meeting shall be held monthly on the second Saturday at 7:30 P.M., unless some other date has been specifically set.

Section 2.         A special meeting may be called by order of the President, or at the request of five or more members in good standing.

Section 3.         At any meeting of the Association, twenty (20) Active members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business; provided that when alternations or amendments of the Bylaws are to be considered and acted upon, the necessary quorum shall be two-thirds (2/3) of the Active members present.

Section 4.         Members may be excused from the meeting at the President’s discretion, but only when the necessary quorum in attendance is not thereby affected.

Section 5.         The regular order of business shall be as follows:

  1. Salutation to the United States Flag
  2. Necrology
  3. Roll Call
  4. Reading of the Minutes of last meeting
  5. Communications
  6. Report of Officers
  7. Report of Committees
  8. Application for Membership
  9. Admission of New Members
  10. Election and Installation of New Officers
  11. Unfinished Business
  12. New Business
  13. Adjournment

This order may be suspended by the Association for any extraordinary purpose at any meeting.

Section 6.         Meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, except when the rules conflict with these Bylaws; and, provided, that a point of order and question of procedures referred by the chair to a general vote shall be settled by a majority vote of the members present.  Any motion passed in a general Active members’ meeting requiring two hundred dollars ($200) or more from the General Fund, is subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors.  A majority of six (6) votes by the Board of Directors in favor of the motion is required to put the motion in effect.  In the event where the Board of Directors does not approve the motion, the motion is sent back to the Active members.  At their meeting, if the same motion is passed by the Active members a second time, it shall take effect immediately.



Membership Classes and Qualifications

Section 1.         Any person of good character is eligible for membership in the Association.  There shall be five (5) classes of membership:  Active, Associate, Senior Citizen, Student and Life members.

Section 2.         Active members shall have the right to vote and hold office, and are those who have been elected to such status, subject to the provisions of Article XIII.

Section 3.         Associate members shall have all privileges of the club with the exception they cannot vote or hold office.  They may attend any regular meeting of the Association, and they may offer suggestions on the floor with the President’s permission.  They will have no voice or voting privileges on business motions or elections.

Section 4.         Senior Citizen membership is open to members 65 years of age or older and to widows 62 years of age or older.  Before becoming Senior Citizen members, they must have been Associate member for at least one year.  Senior Citizen members may have all the privileges of the club with the exception that they cannot hold office or vote, but can attend the regular or special meetings.

Section 5.         Active members who reach the age of 65, or who becomes retired from employment, or who becomes disabled, may be elected Life members by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at any business meeting.  They must have been an Active member for twenty (20) consecutive years or more before they can be considered for Life membership.  Life members shall retain their rights as Active members with the exception that they cannot hold office.

Section 6.          Student membership is open to any persons who are still in college.  They must provide identification that they are still in college and may not participate in any sports for any other organizations.  If he/she desires to participate, he/she is required to join Associate membership.

Section 7.         A member who is four (4) months in arrears with his/her dues shall stand suspended and cannot enjoy any of the club privileges until such time as he/she has paid up all obligations.  If by the sixth month he/she is still in arrears, he/she shall be dropped from the roll.  He/she shall then have to apply for membership as a new member and pay the regular initiation fee if he/she so desires to be reinstated.  There shall be no exception to this rule.  This rule governs all classes of members of the Association

Section 8.         All new candidates for membership must be admitted by written application, investigation and majority ballot.  The initiation fee and appropriate dues according to Article IX, Section 3 of the Bylaws for Associate members shall be charged and collected with the application.  They shall be investigated by a Membership Committee appointed by the President.  Election to membership shall be a vote of the Active members present at any regular meeting.



Initiation Fees and Membership Dues

Section 1.        The initiation fee for the Associate member shall be five dollars ($5.00) payable with the application of the membership

Section 2.        The annual dues for Active members shall be forty-five dollars ($45.00) due and payable in advance on or before March 31 of each calendar year.

Section 3.        The annual dues for Associate members shall be thirty-five dollars ($35.00) due and payable in advance on or before March 31 of each calendar year.

Section 4.        The annual dues for Senior Citizen members shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) due and payable in advance on or before March 31 of each calendar year.

Section 5.        The annual dues for Life members shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) due and payable in advance on or before March 31 of each calendar year.

Section 6.        The annual dues for college student members shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) due and payable in advance on or before March 31 of each calendar year.

Section 7.        A penalty fee of five dollars ($5.00) shall be assessed for dues not paid in full by March 31 in all classes of membership of the Association.



Duties and Conduct of Members

Section 1.        It shall be the duty of members to observe order during the meetings, to cooperate with the officers of the Association in enforcing Bylaws and rules, and to refrain from all manners of noise, disputes, personalities, and from any act or conduct injurious to the order, peace, interest and welfare of the Association.

Section 2.        The Board of Directors shall have the full power to deal accordingly on the spot in any manner that they see fit with members guilty of conduct unbecoming a gentle person, or in violation of Section 1 of this Article on the Association’s premises or at dances, picnics or other affairs held under the auspices of the Association.

Section 3.        The Board of Directors shall have charge of the property and effects of the Association.  They shall have charge of the rooms and see they are kept in good order.  They shall receive and take charge of all gifts, of books, pictures, etc.  They shall make, or direct to be made, all purchases ordered by the Association.  They shall order the payment of all necessary expenses and transact all business duties not otherwise herein ordered.

Section 4.        A member shall keep the Secretary duly informed of his/her change of address.




Section 1.        A member wishing to sever his/her connection with the Association shall tender his/her resignation in writing.  If all his/her dues and other obligations are paid in full, acceptance of such resignation may be effected by a majority vote of the qualified members present at any business meeting without prejudice to his/her possible application for reinstatement at some future time.

Section 2.        The resignation of an officer must be made in writing and shall not be accepted except for a good and satisfactory reason, approval of which must be signified by a majority vote of the qualified voting members present at the meeting at which his/her resignation is considered.



Dropping, Suspension and Expulsion

Section 1.        Any member who is in arrears for six (6) months’ dues shall be dropped from the roll unless satisfactory reasons are given within two (2) years.

Section 2.        A dropped member, being readmitted to membership, must pay up his/her back dues and any other obligations.  He/she must pay a new penalty fee.

Section 3.        Any member who has been suspended from membership by action of the Board of Directors, or by vote of the Association as a whole, shall be barred from all affairs of the Association and shall not be allowed to enter the club’s premises at any time during the period of his/her suspension.

Section 4.        Any member who has been expelled shall not be readmitted to membership within a period of two (2) years from the date of his/her expulsion, or a longer period may be fixed.

Section 5.        The Board of Directors may also take such action as it sees fit on a complaint made by one members against another, if the ground of the complaint is properly an Association affair – that is to say, the Board of Directors shall have full power to act immediately and forthwith on such cases and settle them out and amends, may impose a reasonable fine to cover damage done or as a penalty, and may even suspend such a member for a fixed or indefinite period during which he/she should be barred from the premises of the Association and from attendance at its affairs.  Or, the Board of Directors may take the case under advisement or investigation, consideration and later action.  Or, it may refer the matter to a meeting of the Association as a whole.  If the charges against said member merit expulsion, he/she may be expelled by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the qualified members present at the meeting.

Section 6.        A member disciplined by the Board of Directors may take appeal from their decision to the judgment of the Association as a whole, provided said appeal is taken within thirty (30) days from the date of the meeting at which the Board of Directors rendered its decision.  If the hearing of the appeal is approved by a majority of the qualified voting members present at a business meeting, he/she shall be given due opportunity to state his/her side of the matter at issues.

Section 7.        Any member in possession or found responsible for bringing illegal drugs and/or prohibited weapons into the club or surrounding area of the club shall be subject to suspension for a period of two years.  The accused member may be suspended after due process hearing by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors.  Reinstatement to membership must be done in writing and voted upon by the Active members.



Restriction of Membership

Section 1.        Active membership in the Association shall be restricted to nine (90) members.

Section 2.        There shall be no limit placed on the number of Associate or Senior Citizen members.

Section 3.        When the number of the Active members goes below the restricted number of ninety (90), the Association in regular session shall admit from the Association Roll enough members to keep it at the number by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the qualified members present.  Associate members with at least two (2) years membership who have requested transfer to the Active member roll by letter shall have first privileges.

Section. 4.       No hearing member can become an Active member, unless he/she is the spouse of a deaf Active member.



Appointment of Club Manager

Section 1.        The Club Manager shall be elected by ballot by the qualified members present at the regular meeting held on the second Friday of December during an odd-numbered year for two-year term beginning with the following even numbered year. The Club Manager shall be an Active member before he/she is appointed.  He/she shall have the privileges of appointing his/her own assistants.  His/her duties shall be to keep the club clean, to maintain order at all times, to see that only members are admitted to the clubrooms at all times.  He/she shall account to the Treasurer for all monies taken at the bar and all other sources of income in the clubrooms.

Section 2.        The Club Manager shall purchase all beer, wine and whiskeys and shall keep a record of same as required by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Section 3.        The Club Manager and his/her assistants shall be under the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors.



Club Rules and Regulations

Section 1.        The club shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.



Standing Committees

Section 1.        The standing committees of the Association shall be the Law, Membership, House and Bingo Night Committees.  The President shall appoint the chair and members of each standing committee.

Section 2.        The Law Committee shall consist of five (5) members to be appointed by the President.  The committee shall receive the proposed amendments to the Bylaws that are referred from the regular meeting.  They shall review and discuss the proposals, and make recommendations to the Association at the next regular meeting.

Section 3.        The Membership Committee shall consist of three (3) members to be appointed by the President.  The committee shall be in charge of all applications for membership in the Association.  They shall investigate all applications for membership before being submitted to the Association at the regular meeting.

Section 4.        The House Committee shall consist of three (3) members to be appointed by the President.  The committee shall be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the building (both interior and exterior) as needed or as ordered by the President or the Club Manager.  The cost of repair or purchases must be approved by the President.

Section 5.        The Bingo Night Committee shall consist of three (3) to five (5) members to be appointed by the President.  The committee shall be responsible for the admission at the door, Bingo games and the prizes during the Bingo Nights.  They shall account to the Treasurer for all monies taken from the admissions and Bingo games, along with the list of distributed prizes.



Amendments to the Bylaws

Section 1.        All proposed amendments to the Bylaws made at a regular business meeting shall be in writing and shall be referred without debate to the Law Committee on the revision of the Bylaws.

Section 2.        The Law Committee on revision of the Bylaws shall consider all proposed amendments or alterations in the Bylaws, when such amendments or alterations are submitted in writing, and shall recommend their adoption or rejection at a meeting of the Active members of the Association.

Section 3.        A vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present shall be necessary in order to adopt any amendment to the Bylaws.



Dissolution of Organization

Section 1.        In the event of dissolution of this organization, any and all club assets remaining after all legal obligations have been paid and the building has been sold, shall be placed in a fund in a local bank under the trusteeship of three (3) active members chosen by the membership; such funds to remain until the club reorganizes.

Section 2.        However, at the expiration of the tenth (10th) year after the dissolution, the fund, at the discretion of the trustees, shall be given to other organizations of good standing which promotes the welfare of the Deaf.



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