President’s Corner

President’s Corner

Hello members & friends,
Hope you all are keeping yourself warm, winter is coming soon!
Reminder that our Active meeting will be on Friday, Nov 17, 2017 due to holiday party hosting Open House at PAD on Friday, November 10 then Saturday, November 11, we all will be attending Holiday party at Moon Township. Hope sees you all there!

Check our Facebook and Website for our upcoming events thru winter season, come and visit us!

We came into struggling of roof issues and we decide to put new trusses over our flat roof, it will occur this spring 2018 by one of our active member, Lenny Visco, owner of Visco Contracting! We cannot wait for the new roof and will be end of ongoing roof leaking issues. Many thanks for all your patience and volunteers to keep roof stable until spring!

We will have Christmas Active dinner on Saturday, Dec 9 at PAD, reminder the election and meeting will be on Friday, December 8.

We will be only electing for new club manager for 2018-2020 year. The officers remain same until ending of 2018.

Enjoy your winter season! Stay warm!

Any feedbacks, or suggestions, please contact us thru website or Facebook!
Truly yours,
President Robert Maher Jr.