President’s Corner: February 2017

President’s Corner

Hello members & friends,

Happy New Year to PAD members and friends!

What a strange winter we have?? Winter is not over yet as we face to February as well known for BRUTAL cold month!

I am proud to stay we wrapped up the year 2016 with GOOD year of club. I am looking forward to be working with all of you for next two year as PAD President 2017-2019.

PAD events is open to be scheduling now, see our club manager, Holly to book the events/hall rent. We will host some events this upcoming month. Come down, out of house during cold season.

PAD is very lucky to have many warm heart members and friends as for two example, our furnace for basement has stopped running, a member’s nephew volunteer his time to replace the motor for fan AND our roof was leaking by a object that hit our roof, one of member volunteered to repair and patch the hole. I deeply thanked them for their heart. PAD is still working on improving interior by our members. Come down; see our foosball table and bumper pool table.

Don’t forget to pay your member due for 2017, see Alex.

Any feedbacks, or suggestions, please contact us thru website or Facebook!

Truly yours,

President Robert Maher Jr.


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Thanks, Jeff and Lori Ann