President’s Corner: May 2016

Hello members & friends,

I am sure you all are preparing for summer! We are looking forward to summer too.

PAD clubhouse has been very busy since January with updating some small items and will be installing the
insulation on duct inside club to keep duct from sweating and damaging the ceiling tiles.

We are happy to announce that the hall rent has boomed at PAD from variety of people. It has helped PAD lot by
attracting new members and visitors.

We the executive Board have several goal of major update in this upcoming summer time. Your support and
contributions will be helpful.

Reminder you all to pay member due of 2016, your membership dues helps PAD to get upgrades and maintain
our building. See Alex at PAD or mail the membership due to our mailbox.

This year we will be very busy schedules and booked with events. Please stop by our website/Facebook to see
our events or COME down at PAD to see your friends.

Let’s keep and continue to be committed for our club daily!

Truly yours,
President Robert Maher Jr.