Committee for Accessible Transportation important meeting

There will be an important meeting of the Committee for Accessible Transportation Monday 6:00 P.M. January 30, 2012 UCP Building 4638 Center Avenue in Oakland. Steve Bland CEO of the Allegheny County Port Authority will talk about the current status of proposed reductions in the system. We will also hear from Karen Hoesh of Access about how these proposed changes will effect Access.

you must keep in mind that this is primarily a General information meeting. Therefore, we will not!!!!! discuss your specific reductions in bus and Access service, and how those reductions will affect you, since we know that all of us will be severely affected by these reductions in service for both the Port Authority and Access.

I urge you whether or not a member of the Committee for Accessible Transportation to attend this meeting in order to have a better understanding about what is planned concerning these proposed reductions for both the Allegheny County Port Authority and Access. and hopefully gain some knowledge as to what we must do to prevent these cuts from becoming a reality.

Bill Newland

Chair Committee for Accessible Transportation