PAD Holiday Party Fund: Candles

MONEY EARNED FROM Mia Bella Gourmet Candle WILL GO TO PAD Holiday Party Fund

ON SATURDAY, September 15, 2007

Jars candles, Mia Melts, Car Air Freshener, Votives, Bella Bars Scent soap,

Mia Bella’s Bakery – Apple Pie, Holiday Jar – snowberry Pine

Best Performing, Cleanest Burning Scented Candle in the world!

— incredible scent, a longer slower burn and clean non-toxic burn.

Hand Poured candles have value, are naturally clean, and represent a healthy alternative to unhealthy paraffin candles and are priced in the same range as many paraffin candles (which already have a great track record for fundraising). Visit your local mall and compare prices!

20% of total sales will be donated back to the PAD

to defray the cost of PAD Holiday Party.

See Laurie Adler for your purchase. Orders will be taken thru September 29 at PAD. / 724-228-9718 TTY/ VP